Sport, wojsko i ratownictwo


1. Physical psycho-regeneration

2. Augmentation of fitness

3. Very fast adaptation to different conditions

4. Augmentation of military forces in solders






Regards: The use of the Dino-96 preparation as a supporting substance in rescue operations and in protection of the life of population and the special services in the so-called extreme situations.


This is to inform you that we have theoretically and practically the most effective and, at the same time, the simplest substance ‘

supporting the operations of rescue services providing help and engaged in extreme conditions to save the lives and health of

the population.


As it is known, all extreme conditions (fire, flood, earth quakes, various types of contamination, etc.) cause direct (injuries, bums, mechanical damage and poisoning) and indirect (stress, energy information blockades) threats to the health and lives of the population and special services providing help, which are often more severe than the direct.In each of the situations presented, the use of the Dino-96 preparation in various forms and ways allows to almost immediately reduce or partially eliminate possible injuries and, first of all, to reduce or eliminate the energy information blockades in the injured body as well as to very quickly level the thermal balance which automatically activates the self-defence of the body and facilitates administration of specific treatment by medical services arriving on site

and the use of specialist equipment.Negligence of or lack of action aimed to at least reduce the above-mentioned parameters will always prevent successful follow-up treatment and rehabilitation by specialised medical services.The use of the Dino-96 substrate by rescue services on site or within the period of time prior to the hand-over of the persons injured in the extreme situations to the rescue services (ambulance service, clinic, hospital) causes reduction of stress and also alleviation of pain, increase in the dynamics of the motory system, stabilisation of blood pressure and action of me heart and breathing, one of the most elements of the effect of the Dino-96 substrate. It causes the body to almost immediately adapt to the extreme conditions on the psychological and physical level. This is highly important in prolonged extreme conditions as well as in rescue operations carried out for a large number of people at risk of being subjected to the negative effect of the existing situation and due to an inability of standard rescue services to provide help.So far there are no rescue services or medical clinics in the world which have a medicine or substrate with such a broad spectrum of effects on the human body!

To confirm the above statement, please find attached the results and a video tape showing the clinical analyses conducted.


The Dino-96 substrate is produced in the form of powder and then, depending on the application, in the following options:


1. pure Dino-96 substrate

2. 2-5% water solution

3. cream, 2-5% cream-gel,

4. bars of 'soap' or rehabilitation pool cartridge

5. 'Energy-information' packs for special services, tile military - to be carried permanently in the uniforms


Methodology of individual use of Dino-96


1. In all situations, irrespective of the type of injuries sustained or stress, spray the spine, face and exposed parts of the body with a water solution of Dino-96. For spraying use a 1 - 2 litre capacity plastic atomiser filled with ordinary water and the Dino-96 solution (dissolve 5 g of the Dino-96 powder in 250 ml of water and pour the filtered solution into the atomiser and replenish with water). Ampoules can be used instead of the powder.

2. Apply a very thin layer of the Dino-96 cream to sprayed or moisturised skin.The procedures presented are the simplest procedures, which can be carried out by any member of the rescue team. It should be carried out on all persons under extreme conditions.

One filling of the atomiser should be enough to treat 10 persons. Ampoules may be used in the atomiser instead of the powder.


Methodology of using Dino-96 in mass rescue operations


The following solutions may be used in case of disasters or military operations:

1. For spraying the body, air powered, electric powered or manually operated spraying equipment with a capacity of 25-50 litres can be used. The procedure must be carried out in the open air, in a room or tent.

2. Best results are obtained by combination of spraying and operation of a high-performance air humidifier in the room for 15-30 minutes no more than twice a day.

3. Bath in a tarpaulin pool filled with water with the Dino-96 solution. This is the most effective method of absorbing Dino-96 by the body.

4. All persons being subjected to one of the procedures presented should be treated with the Dino-96 cream applied to the spine and a part of the body.



In case of difficult transport conditions, local raw materials (edible oils or fats) mixed in proportion with the Dino-96 powder.After these simple procedures have been carried out, the work of the medical services will be easier and they will have less patients. Bandaging or use

of dressing material is not recommended in case of minor injuries or bums. The substance applied directly to the wounds or bums causes inflammation to disappear, which can be observed with the naked eye, and pain to subside. If you should be interested with our offer, we are able to provide the quantity of preparation for Europe, America or Africa within 2-3 months assuming that we obtain appropriate financial security. At the same time, we hereby declare ourselves to carry out a demonstration of the use of Dino-96 and its effects in any military clinic or directly in a rescue operation.



Jan Stoj, Director of the Dino-96 Centre



Use in sport


One of the main obstacles in competitive sport is the calamity of injuries of the leading sportsmen making it impossible to properly fulfil the trainers' assumptions and to achieve the expected results or even leading to an inability to participate. The phenomenon has intensified

in the recent years, which has been reflected in the results of the World and European Championships in a majority of disciplines.

The situation presented is the result of a neither faulty training cycle nor the competitors' negligence. We have the best trainers and competitors, but they are helpless against the lack of appropriate "means" supporting the entire training and competing cycle, while the "means" used have only a fragmentary effect and do not allow to achieve success. For this reason, among other things, attempts are made to use anabolics or pseudo-scientific methods. The sportsmen train in a similar way as their competitors and take the 4 - 6ti' place, but, except for very few exceptions, never stand on the podium.

The Dino-96 company has got the Dino-96 substrate which fulfils the requirements as previously mentioned. The Dino-96 products (in various forms depending on the competition or discipline) are able to fill the gap in the training, health and competitive process (illness, injuries, stress, acclimatisation, very fast regeneration of the efficiency of the body in all its aspects - prolonged physical effort, frequent participation in events in a very short period of time).

The analyses and observations carried out to date as well as the practical application (also in competitive sport) fully confirm the theoretical assumptions for the energy information of the cell of a living organism. The persons who are able to affect the human body in the closest

anner are sport physiotherapists and psychologists (which are very few). It is only the collaboration between the trainer, competitor, physiotherapist, physician, psychologist and dietician, based on the latest scientific achievements, that ensures the expected results as long as no mistake is made by the competitor.

To help you familiarise yourselves with the principles of effects of Dino-96, we hereby provide you with some of the analysis of the influence of external use of the Dino-96 substrate on the human body. The juxtaposition of individual tables, results and the film provides just a preview of the information on the significance of Dino-96.

Over a period of three years we have carried out analyses and observations of sportsmen (practicing competitive sport) as well as the effect of Dino-96 on their health and performance. Despite substantial reluctance, especially on the part of the National Team (which is understandable), we are able to present preliminary results which may be confronted with opinions of the trainers.


Sports disciplines:

1. Road cycling

2. Weight lifting

3. Athletics

4. Team sports

5. Combat sports